Notes on Corona (2021)

· This story comes from me misreading the plot of Shopping For Death (, written by Ray Bradbury.

· Jack Smith and Shelley Smith take their name from the protagonists of The Shining (1977) — the original name of this story.

· The surname of Jack and Shelley is inspired by the 2005 Doug Liman film starring Brangelina.

· Déjà Vécu is an intense, but false, feeling of having already lived through the present situation.

· Uberrimae Fidei is a principle of insurance, literally meaning ‘Utmost good faith’ in Latin.

· The name Tabitha is taken from Tabitha King, the wife of Stephen King. Stephen is also the name of character Tabitha’s husband.

· The Overlook Cafe is named after The Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

· “You’ve been watching me” and “Following me?” are lines taken straight from Shopping For Death.

· The final scene happens in the exact way as dreamed by Shelley.

Telling terrible stories is my superpower. Safety Not Guaranteed.