Contrary to popular belief, the word “Romance” had no connection with love. It simply meant a verse or something Roman, later morphing into “adventurous” and “passion” — something that we now associate it with.

Throughout our life, all we want is to love and to be loved. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. But what makes love such a perennial idea, which has remained with us despite stages of evolution? This concept has taken different forms and meanings over the years, even inspiring various media and spawning a $20.7 billion worth industry based on a romantic holiday.

When asked what her ambition was, Lisa’s answer always caused an uproar in the classes. “What sort of an ambition is ‘Housewife’?” her teachers used to ask. True, the only reason why she finished her education, stayed away from scandals and learned all those house crafts was to make good impressions on brokers. Rejections never hurt her. She was willing to wait till her family found the perfect suitor — and he appeared in the form of Issac Eapen, an investigative journalist.

Waking up early in the morning, she cooks breakfast and packs lunch for him. To occupy her mind…

The Shining

Jack and Shelley. A not-so-young couple who had enough of office politics and corporations that they started their own insurance agency: Mr & Mrs. Smith. From their quaint little office which doubles up as a house, they manage and advise on insurance policies and write content for various websites to meet their ends. Well, they used to.

When all the initial romance fizzled out, rough patches began to appear. They lost business as they tended to advice each other more than the client in front of them. Things took a turn when they realised there was…

· This story comes from me misreading the plot of Shopping For Death (, written by Ray Bradbury.

· Jack Smith and Shelley Smith take their name from the protagonists of The Shining (1977) — the original name of this story.

· The surname of Jack and Shelley is inspired by the 2005 Doug Liman film starring Brangelina.

· Déjà Vécu is an intense, but false, feeling of having already lived through the present situation.

· Uberrimae Fidei is a principle of insurance, literally meaning ‘Utmost good faith’ in Latin.

· The name Tabitha is taken from Tabitha King, the…

my mind is like a blank slate
i need to finish the project before it is too late.

the due date is hanging like damocles’ sword
but all i have is an empty ms word.

the assignment is on “issues that matter”
and i only have tissues that tatter.

i cannot fathom what to write
also i don’t know whether what i typed is right.

o god, give me an idea thread
i will develop it based on whatever i’ve read.

it has to be submitted via moodle
and all i have is a doodle.

i have to submit it online
however it seems that my brain has gone offline.


A home is everyone’s dream and financial institutions literally encash on this. But during the late 70s, the Savings & Loans and Thrifts associations were losing more money than they could make, thanks to increased wages, heavy competition from its peers, excessive regulation, accessibility of the Money Market to the commoners and vestiges of recession. To save them, the Reagan administration had signed the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act on 15/10/1982, after which he proclaimed,

“All in all, I think we hit the jackpot.’’

Perhaps the greatest benefactor of this act was Empire Savings & Loans. Empire, a Texan thrift…

Subtlety was never one of the book’s forte

Spoilers Galore!

Where Do We Come From?

Da Vinci Code, Angels And Demons, Lost Symbol, Inferno… now what? Readers across the world were eager to know what would be the next adventure that awaits our beloved Symbology Professor at Harvard, Robert Langdon. The audience thought they had seen it all — Holy Grail, Illuminati, Jesus And Magdalene, Freemasonry and Plague. And they were right — they had seen it all.

a review on moneyball


All of us grew up loving fairy tales. My favorite is that of Cinderella — the protagonist having a terrible start, whose fortunes change after meeting the Fairy Godmother. Michael Lewis’ 2003 book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game and Bennett Miller’s 2011 Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, talks about the same. It chronicles the underdog story of Oakland Athletics’ GM Billy Beane and his 2002 American League team.

The A’s ended their previous campaign with a devastating loss against the Yankees. Billy tries to reinvent his team, but is cash-strapped and…

My (Failed) Experiments With (Mathematical) Truth

As far back as I can remember, I always knew that I don’t want to study Mathematics. But that’s exactly what happened.

All kinds of numbers gave me a headache. I have always wondered that why can’t I read some book or play games instead of wasting time calculating how many steps did the boy went down in the well or what are pitaji’s and his daughter’s age while you could just ask them.

In order to instill some love towards maths (and most importantly to score some good marks in exams), Amma decided to make me join…


And he finally got the story he was looking for. Out of work after numerous failures, coupled with personal problems and alcoholism, he desperately wanted to come back to the industry. With a B-A-N-G. Even adding an extra A to improve his luck didn’t help. The inspiration came to him when he was watching Mario Bava’s El Diablo Se lleva A Los Muertos: why can’t he make a similar story? Throw in some songs and romantic digressions and you get the next film. …

Andrew Siby

Telling terrible stories is my superpower. Safety Not Guaranteed.

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